Welcome to Fundación de Libertad.  La Fundación was created as an umbrella organization in the winter of 2007 from ongoing collaborations between the community of Batey Libertad, the University of Vermont, and non-governmental organizations working in the Dominican Republic (DR).  Today we are a coalition of organizations and communities working in the Dominican Republic to build a foundation of health, education, and human rights from which freedom (libertad) can emerge both locally and worldwide.  La Fundación has its roots in the community of Batey Libertad in the heart of the Cibao agricultural valley northwest of Santiago, Dominican Republic. Similar to hundreds of bateyes throughout the country, Libertad is home to both Dominican citizens and migrant workers from Haiti, originally established by the Dominican government in the 1940s as a work camp for state-supported agriculture. The legacy of bateyes today is one of extreme poverty, isolation, and lack of access to basic needs and human rights.

To build a new legacy of sustainable livelihoods and equality, Fundación de Libertad supports projects in the broad areas of health, education, and human rights at Batey Libertad and in solidarity with other impoverished communities on the island. Projects include community health clinics and advocacy, documentation for citizenship and migrant workers, youth sport and leadership development, HIV/AIDS prevention education, community gardening, and home construction and community infrastructure through university service-learning classes.

These projects have been created in partnership with nongovernmental organizations, universities, and student groups in the Dominican Republic and the United States. Support is generated through grassroot fundraisers, direct sponsorship of families affected by chronic illness and students attending high school and college, equipment and medicine donations from businesses and soccer clubs, and community visits and home-stays by students and other volunteers.

Fundación de Libertad strengthens with each visit to our web site. Please take a moment to learn more about our growing network of communities, projects, and partners, and then contact us about opportunities to participate and support our work.

Men anpil chay pa lou.
(Haitian Kreyol proverb: “Many hands make the load lighter”)

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