Futbol para la Vida – Peer Educators

FPV programs are organized and run by a network of experienced peer educators armed with a Spanish-language version of the Grassroot Soccer curriculum for HIV/AIDS prevention education and life skills development. The following are some of the trainers in our two principal regions, with responses to questions about FPV in their own words.

Batey Libertad Trainers

Yanlico Munesi Dusdal

Started as FPV trainer? 2005.

What is FPV? A solution for fighting to prevent AIDS; a course for young/adolescents in communities and schools. Its mission is to help in the prevention of HIV and AIDS. We run games for young people in the communities and schools.

What is the most important issues taught through FPV? Stigma is one of the most important issues. The program transmits many good messages, especially regarding the stigma that exists against people with HIV. To have the knowledge that when someone is sick it is important to realize that they are not out of the community. They need help.

Why use soccer? Soccer is very popular at Batey Libertad. It is the favorite sport, more than baseball.

Favorite FPV game? Jugando mi Vida (juggle my life). Why? There is more time to explain during this game and it relates more to everyday life.

Future of FPV? I would like it to expand as much as possible, within the Dominican Republic as well as outside, especially into Haiti.

Wilson Sefo Michel

Started as FPV trainer? 2005.

What is FPV? It is a program that is working with kids to the prevent the spread of HIV and combat the epidemic. HIV is expanding very rapidly in the world, so we want to educate the kids so they can wake up tomorrow and have, at least, some sex education. We need to lower the percentage of infections. FPV addresses HIV, but the program is good for other problems as well.

Favorite FPV game? Juglando mi Vida (juggle my life). Why? We can see what a vision for the future looks like. We see how AIDS expands so fast and try to educate about that.

Future of FPV? I don’t know the future, but we should keep working and try to implement the program in other communities that don’t have the resources. I think if we keep working we might be able to succeed a little in prevention.

Milanda Ramirez Estasa

Started as FPV trainer? 2005.

What is FPV? It is part of the education for young people, especially about sex, and allows them to fight HIV better. We use soccer for education because kids in the bateys always play soccer and instead of having a chat where kids wouldn’t pay attention, we play so that they become interested.

Favorite FPV game? Presión de Limbo (pressure limbo).

What is the most important issue taught through FPV? For me everything is important, especially the communication with kids. When the kids discuss about HIV, they learn more about it.

Why do you like soccer? I’ve played for a while. I played in primary school, played once and then started a team, but now it is in my blood. It is good for health. Everyone plays soccer.

Nico Mondesi Dusdal

Started as FPV trainer? 2006.

What is FPV? It helps people through activities and teaches them about protection. It is very important.

Favorite FPV game? Mis Suportes (my supporters). Why? It is very interesting and teaches about how to support someone who is sick and not to abandon them. It teaches to always be there for support.

What is the most important issue taught through FPV? Support is the most important and understanding that HIV/AIDS doesn’t discriminate.

Why do you like soccer? It has been my favorite sport since I was little. It is good for your health because of all the running. It helps maintain yourself.

Future of FPV? I think it should go to other places to help other communities. It is very good because people understand it. People need to know more about how to protect themselves. We also need more trainers.

Ramón Leonardo Sanchez

Started as FPV trainer? 2007 (when 13-years old).

Favorite FPV game? Categorías (categories) and Encuentra la Pelota (find the ball).  Why? The first is exciting and fun, and the second has the best message about getting HIV tested.

Why do you like soccer? I have been playing my whole life. I like it because playing makes you strong and helps your body.

Willie Jose Estasa

Started as FPV trainer? 2007.

What is FPV? It is a good program to teach young people about AIDS. It educates and is creative.

Favorite FPV game? Jugando Mi Vida (juggle my life).  Why? It brings together a good message.

What is the most important issue taught through FPV? It teaches about abstinence and how to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases.

Why do like soccer? I like soccer because it is the game of my ancestors. It helps us and we play it more than any game (more than baseball). It is the favorite sport in the community.

Rosa Angelica

Started as FPV trainer? 2007.

Favorite FPV game? Presion de Limbo (pressure limbo).  Why? It is fun and it teaches about abstinence and peer pressure.

What is the most important issue taught through FPV? How to protect yourself from HIV and about abstinence.

Why do you like soccer? It is fun.


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